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We’re passionate about helping our patients achieve optimal health and wellness. For years, our experienced team of chiropractors has provided effective chiropractic care to a wide range of patients. We’ve treated individuals of all ages who are suffering from back pain, neck pain, migraines, and more. Our goal is to get to the root of the problem and provide long-lasting relief. We take pride in our success in treating our patients and improving their quality of life.


Dr. Kyle Taketa Testimonials

"I must see to it that my review does this fine establishment justice so please bear with me.

I was entering my second trimester of pregnancy and had the misfortune of being sideswiped by a wayward car on the freeway on the war-zone known as 101 S. I experienced an onset of excruciating sciatic pain on my lower right buttock area. The pain was so bad that I found myself crawling on the floor just to get from one corner of my house to the other. Desperate for some relief I began researching online and found helpful information pertaining to chiropractic care and its benefits for these types of symptoms. Prior to this experience, I had no knowledge whatsoever when it came to chiropractic care and solutions. I conducted Yelp searches for favorably reviewed services in my area and made a few calls. Fortunately, Dr. Will from Westside was the first to respond and agreed to see me that same day. I was 30 minutes late for my appointment because I was having so much difficulty moving and getting out the door, but he patiently waited and encouraged me to take my time. He provided me with a lot of pertinent information regarding my symptoms and was very sensitive to my pain when conducting his adjustments.

I was struck with another bad episode a few days later while at work and drove straight to Westside. I asked to be seen by Dr. Kyle as I was told that he specialized in pregnancy-related care.

I was a crying, blundering mess when I entered their office but the staff was so compassionate and accommodating as they held me up and gently assisted me in.

Dr. Kyle's kind, personable and professional demeanor made all the difference. He carefully explained where my symptoms were coming from and what to expect in the future. He was very precise in his adjustment methods and was careful not to overdo it. I continued to visit weekly, and then biweekly for a few months and was amazed at my recovery. I am a new believer in and supporter of chiropractic care. I cannot express in words how grateful I am to Dr. Kyle and Westside for taking care of me. My pregnancy thereafter has been nothing short of a beautiful journey.

On a side note, the facility is exceptionally clean and well managed.

If you are curious or looking for chiropractic care where the specialists demonstrate professionalism and genuine compassion towards their clients, look no further."

—Jaed W. San Francisco, CA

Jason Toy Testimonials

"When you need a chiropractor, go to Westside Chiropractor. Dr. Jason Toy is awesome! Knowledgeable and smart with answers to questions about health and the human body. Call and book a consultation." - Wes D.

"Jason T was great. He explained the science behind chiropractic practice and made me plan so I can maintain proper circulation and flexibility. I used to play college ball and I needed to understand why I couldn’t move. Jason explained the science like I was five. I can tell he has trained and studied his craft. Thank you Jason and Westside Chiro for the help." - Zurich S

"Jason has been taking care of my family for quite some time now, and me at 55, well, it's comforting to know I can do life the way I want to, very active and without pain, and he has me covered. Plus, my wife and kids are in his trusted hands as well. Living life with no holds, being in alignment and balanced, and under the care of a professional that supports my lifestyle...priceless!" - David G.

"I love this place. Jason Toy is a rock star. If you need any chiropractic adjustments I would highly recommend trying Jason and Westside Chiropractic." - Olivier S.

"My husband and I both had a great experience today with Dr. Toy. He was really nice, funny, and knowledgeable and made our visit enjoyable. We both left feeling taller and less tense." - Genevieve K.

"Working with Dr Toy on my back and piriformis muscle problem. It's helping greatly. He spends time to get you straight and feeling better." - Gary L.


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